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There are plenty of ways to work with me. I do believe that yoga needs to be more accessible and love that I am able to offer that in a virtual setting where you get to join from the comfort of your chosen space. 

I also absolutely love seeing the folks that come to my classes in-person, and in all transparency, I am fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and follow the Swedish Folkhälsomyndighetens guidelines when it comes to symptoms. 

Scroll down or click on the little buttons above to read more about it or send me an email and we’ll create a solution for what you are looking for. 

To keep the offerings accessible I offer sliding pricing.

There are two tiers as of right now, you choose the one that is accessible to you. 
Please be honest in your choosing as I trust you to make a decision that suits the financial situation you are currently in. 
No questions will be asked for the pricing you choose. 

Tier 1: Benefactor
this is for you with a secure financial situation, who can pay a bit more to ensure I am able to keep going and reach more folks. 

Tier 2: Sustainer 
You will make sure I can sustain the offers that are currently running. 

If you have any questions about the scaling, you can always reach me at


Yoga is a great way to give your employers a moment to pause from the work and move their bodies. 

Each company is different and therefor I offer tailored needs and solutions for the team you have. 

Interested in learning more? Book a call with me here

The pricing is scaling for companies as well. 
Depending on the set up we agree on the pricing will differ. 

I am registered with an F-skattesedel in Sweden, so this can be used as part of your Friskvård. 


There are plenty of ways for us to work together. 
I offer group yoga courses, weekly classes,  1:1 healing sessions and group events. 

The courses will have different deep dives during the spring of 2022 and last for 6 weeks. These will all be virtual. 

Beginners Mind – starting from the start taking it one step at the time. 
Authentic As Can Be – allowing for even more of YOU to take place. 
Slothing Around – I love slow. Slow is so the Flow. 
More info about these will follow in the coming week! 

The weekly class will be on Wednesdays, over zoom and you can book your spot for that here

1:1 sessions are for you who would love a little extra something added to your day. These can be done virtually or in-person. 
I am a Certified Crystal Healer and use their energy when meditating and the session would be set up to cater to what you are looking for. 

To book a free call to see if we are a good fit to work together click here

The Group Events, Yoga can be such a fun thing to do with your friends. 
Why not book me for your next event or just gather a group of friends and get a yoga experience that is tailored just for you. 
This can be done virtually or in-person. 

For more questions email


My online classes are held via zoom. 
The courses may be recorded and shared with the group enrolled and available to re-watch up to 7 days, then deleted. The recordings will never be shared with anyone else. 

The weekly classes will never be recorded. 

Group and corporate events can also be held over zoom if that is required. 

My YouTube channel is coming and will be another way to join me online, whenever you want to. 

You can also find me on Insight timer (tiala)  and on VoiceHER (SaraT). 

Download the apps to find me! 


I teach in person classes at Pranama, see their schedule to find a time when I am there! 

For your group events and corporate classes I am more than happy to get myself to where you are located, all within reason of course. 

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