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“I am on a mission for folks to get a chance to reclaim their bodies from others opinions, societal norms and what else might be ruling our thoughts and ideas about what our bodies should be.” 

– Sara Tiala, creator of Rooted in love

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Rooted in love

My story

My name is Sara and I am the founder of Rooted in Love, a place for you to be.
A deeply passionate person all  about creating sustainable humans through movement of our bodies and conversations.

I found yoga over a decade ago and began teaching in the fall of 2020 after doing my first teacher trainings in Stockholm.

My mission and why is to get folks back into their bodies. To experience life through this vessel we have been given. And to do it for the joy, pleasure and excitement to have a body. 

Not for the looks of it. 
Not for other peoples ideas of it. 
For our ourselves. 

My teaching is influenced by many, such as the Authentic Flow School, Yoga Detour and Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen amongst others. I love to re-remember and re-discover the magnificence of my body through movement and sharing this experience with the folks in my classes.

When I don’t move my body I love to express myself by my voice and my writing, and I do most of that on VoiceHER
An audio based community with and for women and non-binary folks to feel empowered. 
I hold sessions on meditation, crystal energy work and circles to connect with folks from all over. 

I am going to leave you with this: 
If we don’t allow us to become the humans we are supposed to be and instead fill our days with should’s and to-do’s that take us further away from the nature we evolved from then we won’t be able to create a sustainable world. 

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